Wednesday, February 28, 2007


how cute is this?!

i want a little baby oranutang and a little baby tiger to cuddle with!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

mmmmm pickles and ice cream

well, i've been away for a while. i've been away and i've been puking my guts out and not eating and i've been exhausted. i've been away, but i've been ecstatic- i've also kindof buried my head in the ground as well.

i have been told to bank up my sleep now, because come the end of summer, i'll be dying for some sleep. i've been reading magazines with the words "child" or "parent" in the title. i've been watching my once flat stomach thicken and fall over the waistline of my jeans. i've been in denial about how next week i probably won't fit into those jeans...

we went to new zealand to go to a friend's wedding- we stopped by sydney, australia for a while on the way home- we came back knocked up.


ps- pickles really do taste amazing when one is with child!

does anyone else see the irony in this photo?- our baby was a little zygote floating around my womb at the time that this photo was taken.

this is a koala, not a koala bear, they are marsupials and i feel like it is my job to inform the world of this fact. they are very cute and snuggly and i wanted to take one home with me.


a dingo joke would be really inappropriate right now.