Saturday, March 26, 2005

been sitting as a draft for days, not finished, but i'm posting it anyway

it's saturday morning and kpr let me sleep in while he took champ to the dog run. i made myself a pb&j and had some decaf ginger peach tea for breakfast. when they return, i may make kpr some eggs and turkey bacon if he hasn't already eaten. he probably has because it's eleven thirty and the man likes to eat his breakfast in a timely manner. we only had one show this week so, i temped yesterday at a title insurance agency. no offense to anyone who may work for a title insurance agency, but holy hell, it was borrrrrrrinnnngggg! and they had no internet so i spent the whole day playing solitare and free cell. the good news is that i taught myself how to play free cell, having previously not had the time to sit down and figure it out. how can they expect a temp not to function without internet? the worse thing is that the computer i was sitting at did indeed hace internet access available, except nobody knew the receptionist's password. and she wasn't kind enough to leave it, knowing full well she would be out of the office for good friday. thanks a lot bee-atch. i talked to my good friend jen today and it was so great to hear her voice. she's spending the summer working at the aspen music festival and then is moving to nyc in the fall! woohooo! it is my ultimate goal to get all of my favorite friends to move to the city and hang out with me all the time. it sounds selfish, i know, but really it would be for everyone's own good. i'm watching 'laura croft tomb raider' and so far the only thing i can figure out

Monday, March 21, 2005

happy spring!

today is our champiversary! we gave him a super duper turkey flavored edible nyla bone and he was in doggy heaven. kpr let me clean the goop from his front legs and mouth afterwards. anything to keep my little boy happy. he is now curled up in his ice blue velvet doggie bed dreaming of chasing wild turkeys and licking his best friend rufus' butt.

today i did a bit of spring cleaning. started a few loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the heck out of the bathroom. scrubbed it with a toothbrush. i got rid of dirt from last century, i'm sure. the bathroom is nice and clean, and i'm nice and dirty and i don't want to take a shower because i don't want to mess up the sparkle of the tub...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

samoa girl scout cookies are the devil and a little piece of heaven all at the same time

i also bought tagalongs.

i got my hair cut today! denis from devachaun was wearing white 'for the first time this winter.' he did a fabulous job, as usual and i left the salon $235 poorer (i had to buy the product as well because it's all natural, smells delicious, and actually works in my hair.)

it is almost our champiversary! march 21st marks one year since we adopted our little boy!

we're going to see 'the ring two' tonight. i hope it's just as scary as the first one. afterwards we're going to our favorite little indian place.

tomorrow is brunch and m&m's house and then hopefully i'll get together with my frined kat- haven't seen her in two and a half months!

a lot of schools are on spring break next week, so we only have one show- i hope to pick up some temp work on the off days because i just went into h&m after i got my hair cut and bought a new outfit. i did get a new skirt, two camis, two pairs of earrings, a brooch, sunglasses, and flip flops- all for under 80 bucks- but i gotta work some more to fill up the old bank account...

ok- off to the movies!

Monday, March 14, 2005

last week i wrote a very long, detailed post describing what my tour is about, how things are going, my feelings about my fellow castmates, what it's like interacting with an audience of college students, how i feel about the subjects of our shows (dating violence, and aquaintence rape), what it is like to be attacked onstage, what living out of a suitcase is like, going from hotel to hotel, vermont after a blizzard. this was a long-assed post and as i was spell checking the computer at the bed and breakfast i was staying at froze and after i spent about five minutes swearing and yelling at the screen and hitting ctrl alt delete, ctrl alt delete, CTRL ALT DELETE!!!, i had to take a deep breath and let go of that post and try not and think about it for the rest of the day.

we had a long week last week. three shows in six days. we drove through a major blizzard and a not so major snowstorm. we had audiences of about fifty, to six. i don't understand why a school would spend all of the money to get us out there and then not advertise the show, and act all surprised when only six students show up and three of them were our student hosts... but hey i get paid either way.

kpr and i had a dinner party on friday night when i got back. we invited over a bunch of friends we hadn't seen in a while. we had people from pennsylvania, argentina, france and israel at our table. kpr cooked everything- mixed green salad, with fresh beets, cherry tomatoes, mango salsa, yummy garlic soup with parmesean cheese and lemon, sauteed shrimp with garlic and tilapia with a ginger lemongrass sauce. it was all delicious and everyone had a great time. saturday was spent inside watching movies and snuggling with champ. we watched super size me and ohmygod i'm never eating mcdonalds again! yuck-fast food gross yuck.

sunday was kpr's nephew's first birthday and we went to nj for the party. kpr did all of our laundry at his parent's house- aren't i a lucky girl?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

a request

please send positive vibes out into the universe for my best friend mo on monday. i'll be doing my damndest and will greatly appreciate any additional feel-good feelings.

happiness is

eating indian food in your own home with your lover and your dog, all while watching hbo on demand.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

the show

is going well. it's fun being out on the road. we're in boston right now, going to springfield, ma later this afternoon. we're in the smallest ford taurus ever made. there is no room for our luggage, or our legs. but we're hanging in there. there are only four of us in the cast- we have very little props to lug around, but the car is so small!!

the show is getting better everytime we do it- our first audience was at assumption college in worcester,ma. there's nothing like doing a show about date rape in front of a bunch of catholic students...

this is a lousy post, i have no time, and feel rushed. hopefully i'll have time to reflect this weekend when i get home. i miss champ and kpr!!