Saturday, March 19, 2005

samoa girl scout cookies are the devil and a little piece of heaven all at the same time

i also bought tagalongs.

i got my hair cut today! denis from devachaun was wearing white 'for the first time this winter.' he did a fabulous job, as usual and i left the salon $235 poorer (i had to buy the product as well because it's all natural, smells delicious, and actually works in my hair.)

it is almost our champiversary! march 21st marks one year since we adopted our little boy!

we're going to see 'the ring two' tonight. i hope it's just as scary as the first one. afterwards we're going to our favorite little indian place.

tomorrow is brunch and m&m's house and then hopefully i'll get together with my frined kat- haven't seen her in two and a half months!

a lot of schools are on spring break next week, so we only have one show- i hope to pick up some temp work on the off days because i just went into h&m after i got my hair cut and bought a new outfit. i did get a new skirt, two camis, two pairs of earrings, a brooch, sunglasses, and flip flops- all for under 80 bucks- but i gotta work some more to fill up the old bank account...

ok- off to the movies!

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