Tuesday, May 30, 2006

who's that girl?

with new template courtesy of miss zoot (isn't it purty?!), comes a photo. this could be me, or this could be someone from a kohl's catalog...

stalkers beware! i know juijitsu! and i'm well connected in the mob...

photo courtesy of Chad Nicholson Photography

cherry blossom explosion

a few weekends ago, kpr and i had our tasting at the brooklyn botanic gardens. we happened to be there the weekend of the cherry blossom festival- which was awesome because our caterer was also catering the festival which meant FREE BEER! and i don't even drink beer! but it was free, so i did. also FREE SUSHI! hooray for cherry blossoms everywhere!

the flowers were really lovely, so was sitting out in the sun and getting the season't first sunburn!

no money was harmed in the drinking of this beer.

these flowers were in our backyard a few weeks ago. that was before our backyard turned into a big pile of dead flowers covered in dog shit that i keep meaning to pick up. oh but wait it was raining, so i can't pick anything up! now with more soggy!yeah tulips! doesn't this picture make our backyard look so zen-like and peaceful? well it's not, but it will be soon! as soon as the bulldozers come in and change our lives!

Monday, May 29, 2006

I was bored

So i took some pictures.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

kleinfeld's you better not be the suck today

i am about to attempt my third and hopefully my last visit to kleinfeld (i hope i spelled it right this time). i made a special trip on sunday after confirming that yes, indeed, they are open on sundays.


which i never do.

at. all.

because the wait for the train is agonizing and there are always stupid changes, like you must go to brooklyn get off the train run like hell up the stairs and hope you don't miss the train that will actually get you from lower manhattan to midtown (brooklyn is in the opposite direction).

the weekends are for sleeping in and lounging on the couch and not for taking the subway.

so i went all the way to kleinfeld's and i guess they were closed this sunday because what mother in her right mind goes shopping on mother's day?!

hello? i just want some underthings and a pretty pair of bridal shoes! is that too much to ask?!

they better be open today or else i will be forced to fire bomb their bridal bouffantry in the front window.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

wedding crazy

we're getting to that point in time in which we can no longer discuss details and then push off making a decision until later. there is not that much later left, and that is, well, a little scary.

i was finalizing the guest list today, to send off to the invitation printer, and was shocked to discover that i had under estimated our total by about 14 people. me + math= the suck.

our wedding is going to be a big event, bigger than i ever thought it would be and i'm ok with that. i had imagined something small and on a beach somewhere, but this is going to be fun, i have no doubt. we're fortunate enough to be able to invite all the people we want, plus all the people our parents want, so why not go ahead and do it?

i'm trying to keep all of the details simple. the food will be amazing, i have no doubt. the catering/cake/chairs/tables/linens/place settings/ceremony location is all rolled up into one, so that is a huge relief. and they really know what they are doing because they do like, 5 weddings every week and have major events every night, so i have confidence in the palm house.

the music is a dj during the reception and our friend's 3 piece jazz trio during the ceremony/cocktail hour.

the flowers will be simple, but beautiful, and i'm having them delivered to my house and brought to the brooklyn botanic garden by a friend and a man in a van, which saves quite a significant amount.

the photographer shoots pretty much every wedding at the bbg, and knows all the best shots and is very creative and wonderful, so i have faith in that too.

the rehearsal dinner is being planned right now.

the invites have been designed, wording has been sent off, waiting for proofs and will finalize list hopefully tonight.

ceremony details have been discussed, hemmed and hawed over and need to be finalized asap. most readers have been asked and apparently we have an officiant (i hope? :)

i need to buy shoes and undergarments, hair pins and figure out jewellry. my sister's dress is ready, fitted and she already has shoes.

hair appointments for the big day have been made. i have my makeup person in place and need to figure things out for everyone else.

kpr bought his tux (finally!) and his brother already has a tux. my brother will rent a tux or wear a suit, i don't care. dad's have tuxs, mom's dresses are ordered and ready to be fitted.

my dress is in and my fitting is next week.

i have two showers next weekend, one for his side, one for mine. i have bought dresses for both events (yay dresses! oh and they are both white, i figured that as the bride, i can get away with it!) now all i need are shoes.

there are still a lot of things to be done, but it is getting there- faster than i thought!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dog crazy

i know i know. i've been posting too much about the dogs recently. but i don't care!
here is a fun little quiz to show how silly it is to buy the new "designer dogs." i have two friends who have schnoodles and have had them for years and they are the sweetest, cutest little dogs, and i love them so much and am glad that my friends have them- but i feel that this whole dog hybrid thing is out of control.

take this fun quiz to see if you can tell the difference between a designer dog and a shelter dog- who needs a home too, by the way!


ps- champ and bonnie are both rescues and after watching several documentaries and animal planet about shelter dogs, i don't think i could ever go to a breeder for a dog (even a good breeder), knowing there is a perfectly good dog out there who needs my help. however, i do really, really, really want a french bulldog and it is near impossible to be selected as one of their potential rescuers....

Monday, May 01, 2006

My name is Champ

I will conquer the world with my tongue.

it turns out champ isn't sick and we all had a fabulous weekend walking the streets and wandering the parks of new york.