Tuesday, May 16, 2006

kleinfeld's you better not be the suck today

i am about to attempt my third and hopefully my last visit to kleinfeld (i hope i spelled it right this time). i made a special trip on sunday after confirming that yes, indeed, they are open on sundays.


which i never do.

at. all.

because the wait for the train is agonizing and there are always stupid changes, like you must go to brooklyn get off the train run like hell up the stairs and hope you don't miss the train that will actually get you from lower manhattan to midtown (brooklyn is in the opposite direction).

the weekends are for sleeping in and lounging on the couch and not for taking the subway.

so i went all the way to kleinfeld's and i guess they were closed this sunday because what mother in her right mind goes shopping on mother's day?!

hello? i just want some underthings and a pretty pair of bridal shoes! is that too much to ask?!

they better be open today or else i will be forced to fire bomb their bridal bouffantry in the front window.

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