Wednesday, April 27, 2005


back from tour

don't feel like a writin'

i have straight hair right now (did you know that it is usually curly?)

i got my new headshots done today

i am sososososososososososooso happy and haven't even seen them yet

maybe i will share them with the internet

my face feels greasy from all the makeup

kpr has a new awesome job

champ and rufus (his schnoodle friend who is staying with us now) are maniacs, schnoodles are freaking loud

plans for upcoming posts:
tally of $$ spent for headshots
the end of violence against women awareness month

champ is snuggling with me and life is fantastic

Saturday, April 09, 2005

cabdrivers, assholes, all of them

the tour this week was rough. we had a lot of driving, people were bitchy, 'tudes were flying and at some times it wasn't pretty- we got a little ugly too. we perform two shows, one on dating violence the other on acquaintance rape. we do the 'ar' play most of the time throughout the 8 weeks, with the 'dv' thrown in only a handful of times. we did 'dv' twice this week and for me, it was very painful that first performance. i literally was about three pages ahead of myself the whole time. i blanked on lines a few times and thankgod my castmates picked up the slack. i've never blanked on lines before, ever, and i was literally thrown for a loop- panic was setting in on my insides while on the outside i was going on with the show, smiling, touching emotions, and going on with the show while my mind was going a little loopy and my hands were sweating like crazy.

we were in maine for most of the week and i've never been in maine before so i was excited. maine is beeee-yeeeewwww-teee-fuuuulll, but somewhat, um, remote? i had a great time in maine, especially when a two hour drive turned into a four hour drive because our mapquest directions said go west when we were indeed supposed to go ummm, yeah, east.

we returned from maine yesterday and today kpr and i went to pa for kpr to buy a new car. he got a fancy schmancy toyota prius. HYBRID BABY!! this car has no, transmission, no keys and no gear shift. it's a little scary in an awesome way and will take some getting used to, but it is a truly awesome car. 60 mpg in the city and 51 on the highway! kpr needs a new car because kpr got a new job! wooohoo! a fun job, that can open a whole world of possibility for him and i'm so proud.

i drove in new york city for the first time today. hence the title. it was exhilarating and made me feel really awake, but i think i would turn into a gigantic stress ball if i had to do it every day.

we're in ma and upstate ny next week and then the week after we're in pa and then that's it. oh i have to start looking for a new gig. fun fun. i get my new headshots done at the end of april and i can't wait!

ok gotta catch up on my favorite blogs now. my favorite friend mo has finallystarted her own site at check it out beeatches.<