Friday, November 19, 2004

stepping in for the divine.

so i was asked to briefly step in and blog for one of my most gorgeous pals, and though i'm not exactly sure what this blogging entails, i was delighted that she considered me for the task. oh, what a perfect chance to revenge against all those drunken promises she never kept. alas, i am too decent. i love her deeply, and there were actually never any drunk promises that she hasn't kept. well, except that one where she promised me a night of adultureous behavior. hmm...revenge?

so, what does this blogging mean to me this friday afternoon? today, i think i may comment on some dog behavior i have witnessed. i am currently living with my brother, and he has two lovely beasts: bailey, a black lab & ginny, a boxer. for the weekend, we are dogsitting. we have ginny's mother, gidget. today was my first day home alone with all of them. i realized after a mere five minutes that my entire day (if i allowed them to roam freely through the house) will consist of stopping bailey from mounting gidget. it's been a good five hours, and he ambitiously can not stop. i learned after an hour that seperate rooms was the only answer to maintain my sanity. at first i was a bit shocked at bailey's sex drive. he's been neutered, so i kind of thought that eases the need to get it on. i guess not. i think i may call him pimp daddy from now on. anyway, i just got to thinking about sex. (which i do sometimes...okay, often.) anyway, the thought i want to share after my observations today is this: i'm extremely thankful i am a human. i am so glad men don't walk around mounting women. though they may very well feel inclined to do so, society constructs have prevented men from openly dominating ladies in public. (at least dominating in the sense that they don't leap up on her shoulders and thrust away as she walks down broadway) however, if mason jennings felt the desire to do so, i would pretend i was a dog for the day.

is talking about dogs getting it on bad etiquette for blogging? i hope not.

-hopefully i'm not losing any faithful readers of your blog, divine. this really was not, in any way, a means of revenge, dear. ;)

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