Wednesday, August 30, 2006

kissy kissy. (eww gross)

i am happy to be married, but perplexed by how huge my bouquet turned out to be (that's not even like, half of it).

photos by Chad Nicholson Photography (its so nice to have talented friends)

where the hell is matt?

have you seen this? you probably already have, but if not, it is AWESOME!

so very very inspired and, well, jealous...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

so, i am married now!

oh my gosh, i am like totally a different person. except, not.

the wedding was fantastic. i can't really describe everything in words, but i had an amazing time. it was so fantastic to have the friends that i love and the family that i cherish all there in the same room together. kpr and i spent exactly 30 seconds with everyone at the wedding and actually had the time to dance together once.

my brother performed the wedding ceremony, and we are still not officially married, if that means anything. he was ordained through the rose ministries which you can look up online because i am too lazy to provide a link. but basically he was ordained and then he and his wife (who is awesome) came to new york and he registerd with the city by signing this big old ledger book. so then he could legally perform marriage ceremonies in all 5 boroughs. sweet!

except we are still not married. it has been five weeks today, and although i lost my keys and kpr lost his keys to the mailbox, i am sure that our brand spanking new wedding certificate is not is our magic mailbox. something went wrong and my brother had to write this letter and so we are still not legally married.

but this is good because i have not gotten around to changing my name or filling out a new w4 or anything. so i'm like totally illegal and stufff. or not i don't know. i've decided to add kpr's name to my whole name. except i don't want a hyphen. it's not that i have anything against the hyphen, it is just that i would like my name to be kate jones smith instead of kate jones-smith. is that so wrong.

i have real problems with losing my last name and my first name once i get married.

for instance

mr. and mrs. kpr smith

where is my name in that? oh it is pretty much nowhere.... i don't like that....

but anyway

the wedding was fantastic. i had an amazing time and it was pretty much the greatest night of my life.
my friend m told me it was in the top 4 of the greatest nights of her life and everyone else has told us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to and that every wedding attend after this will have to live up.

i'm just saying...

the ceremony was great (we wrote it and had key people participate in it, including our friend who set us up, two of my favorite girls, and kpr's lovely cousins.)
we had and untraditional ceremony that somehow seemed very traditional (thanks elizabeth barret browning, ee cummings and all the apaches)
there was champagne available from the moment our guests arrived. (also, i had vodka before walking down the aisle)
the food was AMAZING
the music was fantastic and people were dancing from the first song played
my friends were so fun and outgoing it made everyone feel like they could just be silly and be themselves (yay theatre people!)

my dear friend chad took some pretty amazing pictures and you can see them here. i didn't really ask him if i could post the link, but he made the pics public on flickr so i think its ok. if its not and you don't want the two people who read this blog to see (my bro and mo) than just let me know. in case you were unsure, i am the one in the big dress with the big hair.

we'll have some pro pics up sometime soon, i think, but i really love these photos- they capture what i'll remember from the night.

our honeymoon was fantastic. we were in the south of france and everyone, all the french people, were so nice to us. and i was like, "what the heck? french people are supposed to be so snooty and hate americans. and they all pretended to not know that we were american- and it was great.
we took this helicopter tour from monaco (it' s own little country- how sweet!) to san tropez (pamela anderson got married there like the week after we did, we totally almost have the same anniversery. go kid rock!) and that was pretty neat. maybe one of these days i will post to youtube our helicopter videos...
we also went to provence, where we drank lots of wine ate lots of food and experienced the apocolypse! there was a lot of hail and we have video!!!
then it was on to barcelona, which was great, but hot, so all i wanted to do was eat ice cream.

then we went to mallorca. which was fabulous because i spent all of our time with my friend alex and her family. it was great. i missed her so much and i loved hanging out with her little one j, and the new little baby a and her husband drew. yay for friends! in exotic places that they will share with you!

honeymoons are great and totally necessary! i reccomend one to all my friends.

since i have been home i have been temping and submitting for auditions, but have yet to have been called in for one. but that is ok because i just make myself feel better by drinking all of this wine that we have in our house from the wedding!

yay wine! it rules!

edited to add that i was totally drunk whilst composing this, ummmmm, thing, so i totally don't have to have correct grammar, punctuation or spelling, because, YAY WINE!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FW: Here comes the sun

Champ in his element

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

nueva entrada

greetings from barcelona.
i am now an old married woman. as soon as i got married, i got old- as in back pain, random numbness in the footal area, insomnia, and constipation. yay old! haha, kpr is really stuck now!

the wedding was amazingly fantabulous. will post pictures etc... next week hopefully.รง

honeymooning is awesome and as we´re winding down to the end, i am sad, because its so romantic and stuff and i´m not looking forward to all the laundry in my future, but i´m glad to go home because i miss bonnie and champ like crazy. i just want to kiss their little dog faces. bonnie was in the hospital again while we have been away and i just want to go home and cuddle.

but we still have mallorca! glorious mallorca! with the beaches and the europeans and my dear dear friends and new babies and toddlers and hooray!

i had coffee! yay coffee!

more next week.