Tuesday, August 01, 2006

nueva entrada

greetings from barcelona.
i am now an old married woman. as soon as i got married, i got old- as in back pain, random numbness in the footal area, insomnia, and constipation. yay old! haha, kpr is really stuck now!

the wedding was amazingly fantabulous. will post pictures etc... next week hopefully.รง

honeymooning is awesome and as we´re winding down to the end, i am sad, because its so romantic and stuff and i´m not looking forward to all the laundry in my future, but i´m glad to go home because i miss bonnie and champ like crazy. i just want to kiss their little dog faces. bonnie was in the hospital again while we have been away and i just want to go home and cuddle.

but we still have mallorca! glorious mallorca! with the beaches and the europeans and my dear dear friends and new babies and toddlers and hooray!

i had coffee! yay coffee!

more next week.

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