Tuesday, May 30, 2006

cherry blossom explosion

a few weekends ago, kpr and i had our tasting at the brooklyn botanic gardens. we happened to be there the weekend of the cherry blossom festival- which was awesome because our caterer was also catering the festival which meant FREE BEER! and i don't even drink beer! but it was free, so i did. also FREE SUSHI! hooray for cherry blossoms everywhere!

the flowers were really lovely, so was sitting out in the sun and getting the season't first sunburn!

no money was harmed in the drinking of this beer.

these flowers were in our backyard a few weeks ago. that was before our backyard turned into a big pile of dead flowers covered in dog shit that i keep meaning to pick up. oh but wait it was raining, so i can't pick anything up! now with more soggy!yeah tulips! doesn't this picture make our backyard look so zen-like and peaceful? well it's not, but it will be soon! as soon as the bulldozers come in and change our lives!

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