Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dog crazy

i know i know. i've been posting too much about the dogs recently. but i don't care!
here is a fun little quiz to show how silly it is to buy the new "designer dogs." i have two friends who have schnoodles and have had them for years and they are the sweetest, cutest little dogs, and i love them so much and am glad that my friends have them- but i feel that this whole dog hybrid thing is out of control.

take this fun quiz to see if you can tell the difference between a designer dog and a shelter dog- who needs a home too, by the way!


ps- champ and bonnie are both rescues and after watching several documentaries and animal planet about shelter dogs, i don't think i could ever go to a breeder for a dog (even a good breeder), knowing there is a perfectly good dog out there who needs my help. however, i do really, really, really want a french bulldog and it is near impossible to be selected as one of their potential rescuers....

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