Wednesday, October 27, 2004

maybe a little about me

i have no idea how to do any of this blog stuff, like a bio, or links or html code or anything. i suppose i will learn in time, but i'm feeling rather lazy right now, so i'm not gonna do it.

here's a little about me myself and i:

i have lived in new york city for the past 4 years and LOVE it here. however i don't see myself permanently living here forever. a dream life would include a 'country' house upstate (off the grid, and totally rad) and an apt in the city, and a hybrid car that gets 100 mpg to go back and forth.

i live with my bf herein known as "kpr" and we've been together almost as long as i have been in nyc.

we rescued champ, a 22 month old Boston Terrier, last march and we are totally ruled by him. see his picture at

i'm an actor by training (yes actor, you don't hear them calling them doctresses, now do ya). i have a ba in theatre which means i've done it all, stage managing, set building, costume designing, etc... oh and that whole acting thing too.
i have many dreams but the biggest one career-wise is to someday be able to pay my rent (or mortgage or whatever) doing what i was trained to do. imagine that.

supporting yourself doing something you love is the ultimate gift.

i know this will happen.

ok- enough for now.


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