Monday, November 29, 2004

Got back yesterday and

Kpr and I spent most of the day cuddling while watching football. The eagles kicked the giants’ ass, thank you very much. We’re keeping are fingers crossed that mcnabb is going to take them all the way this year. But as in true Philadelphia fashion, they will probably choke in the playoffs, despite having the best record in the NFL. I just can’t get my hopes up any more.

After football, kpr took me out on a real live date! He’s leaving for seattle today and I was away for the holiday, so we wanted to make the most of our night together. We went to a new sushi bar Sachi’s on Clinton and had a great time. It was a Sunday night and 6 o’clock, so we had the place to ourselves and our own personal sushi chef, who explained each cut of fish to us and prepared it right there in front of us. The sushi was the best I’ve ever had, so fresh and we even had sashimi, which I never go for, I prefer the rolls, but it was so fresh and so delicious. They had a few delicacies from Japan, fish you can’t get anywhere else in the city and we felt really adventurous. I love just sitting in a restaurant and ordering at a whim. We would try a piece of fish and if we liked it we would just order another one. How great is that? we talked to the owner for a while and wished her the best of luck- she was so nice and the sushi chef was a great guy- he and I compared restaurants in the neighborhood, and we have the same taste. Which means I have good taste because, hello- he’s like a sushi chef and knows what he’s talking about.

We finished a bottle of wine there and scampered across the street to punch and judy, a wine bar. We always order flights and tonight was no exception. I love flights of wine, because I often lose interest in the taste of a glass of wine after a while, and I love going from taste to taste. Don’t ask me what we drank though- because all I know is that they were white and Italian and deeeelicious!

I love date night and I think that kpr and I should go out more on Sunday nights because you can hold hands and stare dreamily at each other all while pretending that this is your own private restaurant.

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