Monday, November 08, 2004

this is not a post about pms

the weekend was a good one. yesterday kpr and i went to see our friend Ty in a production at The Classical Theatre of Harlem. "Ain't supposed to die a natural death" is a remarkable show and this production is not to be missed. it was extended till nov. 21st, so get on up to harlem if you are in nyc.

saturday we worked outside getting the yard ready for winter. we had a lot of stuff just laying around that we ended up trashing and i finally set up the composter i got kpr for his birthday in may. kpr moved our big picnic table to the empty lot next door and now there is tons of room for champ to run around in. i raked and picked up all the fucking trash our lovely upstairs neighbors launch off their balconies into our yard. it really pisses me off! don't they realize that this is our home, and littering in the backyard is just the same as dumping their trash in our living room? the cigarette butts are the worst and that just makes me fume (no pun intended). i'm not the biggest fan of smoking to begin with, ok, i have friends who smoke and i can put up with that (i certainly wish they didn't smoke, for their sakes), but it really busts my chops when smokers think it is just ok to fucking by throwing their butts on the ground! hello, the earth is not your personal ashtray! my friend kat always throws hers in a trashcan and i respect that. i wish she would just quit altogether, but i respect that she realizes that the outside is not hers alone and that she should clean up after herself. but when you are hanging off your balcony and decide its ok to leave your little droppings in my backyard- that is soooo not cool.

we've complained to the mgmt company (we're owners, everyone else are renters) and they have posted a letter in the entryway of the building, but no one pays attention. so, i'm really tempted to leave a little letter of my own under the doorway of each apt that faces the back- along with a nice pile of disgusting cigarette butts that they can dump in their living rooms. but i'm not sure if i want to go that route yet...

i just don't want to keep picking up other people's trash!

the backyard looks fabulous now and i love just standing and looking through the windows. the leaves have turned this fabulous yellow which makes the light coming into our living room just awesome. champ prowls around back there like he is king of the world- checking things out- hunting for squirrels. i had left a bunch of peanuts on the window sills, hoping the squirrels would hang out in front of the windows, but the nuts are gone and i haven't seen a squirrel back there in a while.

hmmmm... thats it for now. if i keep on rambling i might go off about how much i hate pms and that, i think, should be saved for another post.

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