Wednesday, December 29, 2004

who sucks? us airways sucks!

us airways sucks big monkey balls and they are asking their employees to work for free.

here is a list of all the wrong doings they have done to me personally:
-cancelled my first flight
-cancelled the second flight
-i was first on standby for the third flight- yet they had oversold the flight by three people-the flight went out full
-if your luggage has a columbus sticker on it, it will make it to columbus- even if you don't...
-$80 to and from the airport in one day
-booked a flight from philadelphia- kpr kindly drove me to philadelphia from new york and braved the airport traffic- left me at the ticketing terminal only to immediately have to turn around because they
-cancelled my third flight
-missed christmas with my family which means my parents have to take the expense to
-ship me all my christmas presents
and i have to
-ship all my christmas presents
-i've tried calling the 800 number about 400 times the past 6 days only to be disconnected, hung up on or given another number to call because "we don't handle lugggage" and thats about
-100 minutes on my cell phone
-oh- and my luggage? well god only knows where that is.
-i went down to the city desk finally (2 bucks each way), only to be told that they couldn't process my refund because i didn't have the credit card # (it was my mother's)
oh and
-"we don't handle luggage here, you have to go to laguardia and file a claim with them."
let me repeat that

-"you have to go to laguardia and file a claim with them"

i hate them i hate them i hate them

but i love kpr because he told me he will drive me to laguardia tomorrowon his day off.

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