Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i'm thinking...

of planning a trip to brazil this spring. ok, i'm more than just thinking, i'm in the preliminary planning stages, and would be even further along if people would freaking call me back. the travel agent, cross cultural solutions, neither of them have called me back yet. so i'm about an hour away from calling them again. the guy at the travel agency wasn't too enthusiastic about getting me an estimate for a round trip ticket to salvador in march or april. i know i was vague, but please how hard can it be? just put some numbers in your computer and call me back for god's sake!! i'm only going through this agency because they got me a great deal when i went to china last spring. oh yeah, i went to china last spring, i don't think i've mentioned that yet. and yes, i did climb the great wall of china, one of the biggest achievments of my life. i have weblog on the whole thing, out there on the internet, but i'm not going to link to it here, because, dude, i use my real name and stuff.

oh and i'm also thinking of teaching in switzerland for a year. switzerland. alps. ski resort. oh, and technically, i've never taught my own class, either. but still, this intrigues me. this is another thing that i'm not really just thinking about, but more like working on my resume this weekend, emailing it to the headmaster and planning a trip to boston to a job fair to meet the guy.

oh the thoughts that will go through one's head and what happens when you just fish one of them out and are like, "hey, why don't i DO this one?!"

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