Thursday, February 17, 2005

everyone wants a piece of the divinemissk

so, i haven't really worked in a while. i haven't been auditioning or submitting, i've been on a self imposed break, ya know, enjoying time at home, making a little money, traveling a bit and secretly dreading getting myself back out there. so i haven't worked as an actor, but life has been fantastic, really it has.

part of my new year's promise to myself and kpr was that i would get my ass back out there, get back to work, keep my motivation high and really throw myself into being an actor, an artist, again. so i've been auditioning a lot, submitting myself a lot and just making myself aware of what is going on in the industry again.

i had a fabulous audition on saturday. i went in did my monologue, which was actually ok, not fabulous, but not a crash and burn moment. they asked me to stay and gave me some sides to read (sides are part of the script). i love doing cold readings and find that i'm actually better at making spur of the moment decisions instead of having the time to second guess myself. so i came back into the room and i just had a lot of fun with the piece, went a little further with it than i would normally do and i guess they liked what i did because they gave me more stuff to read, in group this time, a scene with three other actors. then they gave me another scene, with two other actors and then finally a scene where it was just me and another actor. it was really fun, i had a great time and i felt really good by the end of the day. the casting director, heather, asked me to come back on tuesday for call backs, and i did and i got a call tuesday night saying they wanted to cast me for the tour, in a role that i really wanted. hooray! right?

yesterday i had to rearrange my life for the next two and a half months. reschedule my trip to brazil (to november), my appointment to get new pictures, my hair appointment (which takes forever to get another appt as denis is in top demand), and drop out of a small production i had commited to at a theatre company i am a part of. the show itself was only for three days and had about five rehearsals, which we hadn't started yet, but i still felt bad having to drop out, ihate backing out of commitments, but this is how things work in this business, stuff comes up and you have to do what is the best for you and for your career, because no one else is going to do it for you. i can't turn down a paying job.

so everything is hunky dory- i go to rehearsal last night, meet my scene partner (they guy who has to, ahem, rape, me onstage, but we'll get to that later) and i feel great, i read the entire script and it's not too bad and life is beautiful, right? right.

this morning i get an email from a friend of kpr's and mine, the guy who set up up actually. he is an excellent actor/writer and has written a script that is going to be produced at a very highly respected uptown theatre company next season. this has been a labor of love of his for over five years now and he wants me to be a part of a scene at a prestigious gala for the highly respected theatre company. hooray! awesome! fantastic! several very well known and very respected actors will be honored at the gala and it's going to be a big deal and something i just can't turn down. the only problem- the gala is the night before i leave on tour- our final dress rehearsal! so what do i do? hmmmmmm blogging about it seems to work.

why is it that i can not work for like, forever, and then i get a little show and then a bigger show and then a big show and they all happen at the same exact time in different places? when it rains it pours, right? why i am complaining about actually having work?

ugghh i hate this feeling.

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