Thursday, February 24, 2005

i should really post something but i have nothing i feel like writing about

rehearsals have been going well and our first show is on tuesday.

who knows if i'll have access to the 'internets' while on the road, so it may be a while before i'm abe to post and even more sadly, surf the blogosphere.

it's butt freaking cold out today and we're expecting a big snow storm in about 2.5 seconds.

i get to do a bit of stage kissing in the show and i've been crunching on altoids like crazy. it's one thing to subject kpr to my sometimes stanky breath, but really, it's embarrassing to have to make anyone else experience it. oh, and i've been sweating a lot recently? i'm not usually a sweater, but for some reason all of the sudden, i sweat like mad. i use deodorant but not anti-perspirant, because i think anti-perspirant is, well, a little wierd, but maybe i will switch and start using in on my palms too... i feel like i've been ovulating for the last two weeks, ever since i read about natural birth control in my ob/gyn's office. whenever i feel a strange twinge, or feel a little dizzy i think, 'hey, maybe i'm ovulating.'

we're watching a kung fu movie about kung fu soccer and i can't decide if it is brilliantly funny or horribly annoying.

oohh it just started snowing!

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