Wednesday, February 16, 2005

things i have been up to

in free associated list form-

1. thinking about my friend alex who moved to spain and tried to call me over the holidays and i don't have anyway to call her back other than stand on a street corner at a payphone.

2. went to chicago over super bowl weekend to visit my brother for his birthday. we are huge eagles fans and were sorely disappointed by the loss. slippers were thrown at the tv and back doors were furiously slammed. kpr went to the super bowl in jacksonville and sat with the freaking kraft family! sometimes it helps to know the son of the vice president of israel, no?

3. i left my long term temp job two weeks ago, told them i was going to brazil for a while, which isn't exactly untrue. i am going to brazil, just for a week though, and not immediately following this job as i would have them believe. but i am determined to keep up the mysterious persona i had created for myself while there. can we say aloof?!

4. i've been auditioning and submitting myself to castings like crazy. it's funny, i started this blog to chronicle my auditioning experiences and my process. but when it has come down to it, when i come home from an audition, i just don't feel like recounting the crazy/boring/embarrassing/amazing/glorious/humorous/uncomfortable things that go on during an audition. maybe someday.

5. been to the westminster dog show at madison square garden. i worked with the camera crew for the first day and had ringside seats! the second day we had exhibitioner passes and walked all around the floor and backstage. dog show people are, well, i don't want to say crazy, because they are not crazy, but let's put it this way, the film 'best in show' is not really a satire, but more like a reality/expose into the whole dog show world. the best in show competition last night was really exciting and kpr and i drank champagne. i desperately wanted the border collie or the terrier to win, but alas, it was the german shorthaired pointer.

6. booked an appointment to get new headshots done. headshots are the pictures that actors use to send out to casting directors, agents/managers, etc... the ones that i have right now are pretty good, i like them a lot, but it's time for new ones and i'm very excited as the photographer i've chosen is the best in the city, pretty much the best in the industry. i've been to see the dermatologist, the dentist, i'm booking a hair appointment and setting, i'm going to re-bleach my teeth and get a facial, and get my nails done- all in preparation of the photo shoot. i better not freaking break out before the shoot.

7. i've been walking around the apartment carrying champ and telling him "champ, you're my best in show." i don't think he gets it. he's worrying about the back door right now because there is a raw bone out there that our friend d brought over. champ's been at the bone all morning, but keeps wanting to go in and out, in and out and i won't let him bring the bone inside, so he's staring longingly out the glass door at it. mmmmmmm delicious bone.

8. i took that big pile of 'to be filed' that has been piling up for the last year and a half and actually created new files and separated out all the old stuff and now its all neat and pretty. i feel like i did my own episode of clean sweep! except, my trash pile? yeah, ummm, that's still sitting in the middle of the living room....

9. went out to have russian food the other night with m. we had borshdt (sp?), potato dumplings, stuffed peppers and vodka, vodka, vodka. it was so much fun and the food was better than i had while in russia!

10. i booked a tour! for eight weeks, i'll be traveling from maine to virginia to different college campuses in two different shows- one deals with dating violence and the other with date rape. heavy stuff right? i really love the idea of theatre for social change, and this is exactly that. we'll be raising awareness of these issues to all different populations of students- but the script itself isn't preachy or pushy- it's actually funny and touching and meaningful and i think something that your average college student will be able to relate to. i have my first rehearsal tonight and i'll get to meet the rest of the cast! and i get paid!! woohooo!

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