Thursday, October 13, 2005


today is my blogiversary! except i don't really count it as a full year, because, hello! i haven't posted in forever and a month.
but today, i felt like posting because i was inspired by my bff's new blog which i haven't read in forever and it felt so good to sit down and read her thoughts and get back to what blogging is, instead of just trying to catch a random entry from my favorite bloggers now and then.
so, i felt like posting and as i went to the old blogger homepage, i thought "didn't i start my blog around this time last year?" and, yes, indeedy! it has been a year since the turkey. i am not one to reflect, i try my hardest to live in the moment and i have shoddy memory as it is, so i don't often have the chance to reflect, but i know that this past year has been an awesome one. i count my blessings everyday and try to be grateful for all that i have. i have love, joy, peace in my mind (for the most part) and some kickass friends. all of whom i've been neglecting lately, but luckily my girls are forgiving.

i've been in new york for 5 years now! new york is such an awesome place to live. i love it i love it and i'm so happy here. i think it is possible to live your whole life here, raise your kids here, everyday has it's moments of discovery and you are constantly being challenged to think differently and problem solve- nothing is easy- but you can get practically anything delivered to your door in about an hour. for a price. it's easy to live organically here. in so many ways. new yorkers are environmentalists, as funny as it sounds, we use less energy, less oil, we don't all have gas guzzling suvs, we exercise more, eat better (local, organic, natural, minimally processed), we recycle, reuse and reduce, we interact in our neighborhoods, we grow things, we believe in different causes, we have good bars, we support our artists, we go on and on like idiots (or maybe that's just me), new york isn't superior, its just a the best place to live, ever.

i will not talk about my job in this post.

i will not talk about an interview i have in a few weeks that i am trying not to be too excited about because, hello? how many times can i get my hopes up?!

i will say that i want to learn how to make borscht.
i want to call my mother more often
i want to send my grandparents flowers
i want to write my thank you cards this week
i want to submit more headshots
i want to be done with the kitchen design and just get it all over with already, but i know we have a long way to go
i want to stop picking up socks
i want to eat chicken soup
i want to go clothes shopping with katrina
i want to get jen that candle for her birthday that m got for me for my birthday because i know she will love it as much as i do
i want to hang things on the walls
i want to mend all the things that have holes in them
i want to have a three year contract on a soap opera
i want our home to be eclectic but put together
i want to put a towel down by the front door to put our wet shoes on
i want to bake something
i want to use nontoxic paint
i want a little sister for champ
i never want to hear the phrase 'so what are you working on now?'
i want a national commercial
i want to be able to pay my dad back
i want to pay kpr more rent
i want to work from home
i want to go back to bed
i want to be happy like this for my whole life
i want everything to be recycled, reduced and reused
i want to go get the composter
i want stock in gaiam
i want to never have to clean the floor again
or the bathroom
i want to know what that brain thing is that i stare at everyday
i want to be able to remember things that i think about so i can blog about them
i want to meet some of the bloggers i've been reading for a while
i want to not think bad things
i want to not be as responsible
i want things to just work out dammit
i want m here in nyc
i want to be less selfish
i want to have a baby, sometime. soon maybe.
i want to eat sugar, wheat, dairy, corn and PIZZA
and a chicken parm panini.

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