Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i would like to start over

today is the kindof day where i wish i could just go back to bed, sleep for another 8 hours or so, wake up, and start over again.

first there is this- how many more??

i woke up a little late- it is so dark here in the morning and we turn the heat down at night- so getting out of bed is really a trial. i feed champ- jump in the shower- say goodbye to kpr- get out of the shower- notice two new zits cropping up on face, grrrreat!- do the hair- apply moisturizer, etc... take champ downstairs to let him outside, only to discover that he left a nice little gift at the back door, that thank thee lord i didn't step in. clean it up, flush the toilet- go back to doing hair- agonize over what to wear today-walk around the living room barefoot, looking for shoes- wonder why the carpet is damp- look down to see suspicious little sqirt marks all over the carpet and hardwood floor- find the dog cowering in his crate- yell and scream things like 'what is the matter with you?' as if the dog could understand what i am saying, think to self about what a great parent i will be, if i can't get the dog to piss and shit outside how the hell am i ever going to manage a kid? furiously spray febreeze on the carpet because the pet stain stuff is nowhere to be found- hope that the house doesn't smell like pee and vow to clean carpet with baking soda when return home from work- finish doing hair- run out the door with no makeup on because am running 20 minutes late- wait forever for two trains- get stuck on the local because apparently the express train doesn't exist after 8:30am- rush into work late- forward calls so can run down the bathroom and slap some makeup on face- dammit why is my skin so freaking dry?!!- work till 10:30 then dash out the door- hail a cab- and am off to the big meeting that i refuse to talk about- change from broken down black boots to sexy stilleto heels in car- spend $6 on a cab going 18 blocks(highway robbery)-arrive ridiculously early- futz around the cosi sandwich place for a while- go up to big meeting- frantically checking hair and makeup in the elevator- smile on face- wait ten minutes flipping through old issue of cosmopolitan, wonder if i should try mashing up a mango and spread it all over my body whilst in the shower- big meeting's assistant comes out and tells me that big meeting is out sick today and 'i don't know why he didn't call you to cancel, but i'm very sorry, call tomorrow to reschedule'- smile through teeth- no problem- realize i will have to agonize over yet another outfit for next meeting- walk back into the cold feeling the skin on my face shrivel up into dry little shreds (how much water must i drink?!! gah!)- walk back into cosi, spend $8.50 on a salad with three vegetables and lettuce- switch from sexy stilleto heels to broken down black boots- walk the 18 blocks back to work thinking about the need to ask for more time off and more early mornings and late nights- arrive back to work- type up blog entry only to lose half of it somehow- retype blog entry- run into housekeeper who has made lunch for everyone 'i made lentils for you because you can't have pasta' and think how amazingly sweet that is and then realize that i already spent $8.50 on a freaking salad with nothing in it- and wish i could go back to bed..........

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