Wednesday, February 08, 2006

off to the southern hemisphere!

i'm off to brazil on friday and i am very excited! i'm starting to pack today and go out and pick up last minute things. i have a bunch of books on brazil that i have to pick up from barnes&noble today. i have to go to mac to pick up an adaptor for my ipod nano (which should just be included in the original purchase imo), go to macy's to return some things and look for some cute summer clothes (it's summer in brazil right now) and pick up some brazilian money too. tonight i'm going to dinner with my friend mariana- hopefully to our favorite russian food place.

our kitchen cabinets have been installed, the new appliances too. we're waiting for the countertops to come in. hopefully when i return, everything will be set, except for the backsplash, which we're not deciding on until we see the countertops. the floor that kpr installed is awesome. we still have to get the ceiling light in and kpr has to do some wall repair and painting, but it is so much better than our old kitchen! i'll do a photo entry when i get back so you can see the difference.

speaking of when i return, i've got a lot of shit to do. we have to reserve blocks of rooms for the wedding. confirm the florist, find a dj and finalize plans for the honeymoon. we have to do the invitations, get my sister into town to look for bridesmaid dresses, figure out what kpr and his brother are going to be wearing and do the tasting with the caterer (yum!). so far i'm having two different showers planned for me, and possibly an engagement party for our ny friends. so much to do.

and i'm planning on doing a mailing to different agents and managers, audition more, oh and that reminds me i have to order more headshots... taking a scene study class, and an on camera class. so much to do!

this is probably my last post till i leave and i don't know if i will have an opportunity to post while i'm away, so see ya later!

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