Friday, April 28, 2006

the past few weeks have been extremely busy for me and right now i feel incredibly exhausted. i've been temping everyday 8:30-5:30 and four nights a week i have been going to either an acting class, and audition or an audition coaching. i've been reading plays, memorizing lines, doing character work and rehearsing in between all of that. the weekends have been a welcome respite, but not as relaxing as i have hoped, with wedding planning, tux shopping, easter travel, dress fittings with my sister, dog training, and cleaning the house (which only stays clean for about an hour). i've only been able to cook in our new kitchen a few times because by the time i get home at night i'm so tired and oh yeah, i haven't had a chance to grocery shop.

it feels good to go to work everyday, make some money, get things done. the people in this office are nice and it seems like a pleasant enough place to work. the office is decorated in a way that is soothing with different shades of blue on the wall and nice woodwork. the executive's offices have personality and flair and are tastefully arranged. fresh flowers are brought in on mondays and there is always munchies in the kitchen and free coke in the fridge (which i don't drink, although it is tempting). friday lunches are on the house and is ordered from a local restaurant. not a bad place to work. i would love it even more if it were 9-5 though- those extra half hours make all the difference.

i've been coaching with a casting director. she selected a scene for me that i have been working on and she has been setting up auditions twice a week with different agents, managers and casting directors. it has been my goal for the last three years to get an agent, to sign with an agent, not freelance, because the ones i have freelanced with in the past rarely call, rarely send me out on things and rarely

***stopped midpost because of crying and feeling sorry for self, i'm feeling a bit emotionally fragile right now***

its now almost 5 in the afternoon and i just received a text from our dogwalker saying that champ is now sick with what bonnie had last week (and still has this week, despite tomorrow being the last day of her antibiotics)
wtf? i know i have been anticipating this, but c'mon can't we get a break for these two guys?

i wish i had vodka here at work.

in other news, we have our tasting tonight and our menu planning tomorrow. we haven't exactly been pouring over our options so i'm thinking we'll just close our eyes and point at random things on the menu.

i've scheduled my first dress fitting. now all i have to do is lose the weight i have gained since mymeasurements were taken.



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