Friday, June 02, 2006

48 days to go

and i just get dizzy thinking about it. a new month brings a whole new load of things to do on my list at thank god for this list, or else i would have no idea what the heck i am doing. i know there are things that i should be doing, that i have just been putting off. ugghh. sometimes i love all this planning stuff and sometimes i just want someone else to do it.

i had two showers the weekend before memorial day weekend. and they both were lovely. have i sent the thank you notes out yet? nope. i'll be working on those today. i have to send flowers to the shower hostesses as well.

i have to figure out where we are staying in mallorca.

i have to figure out how many rows of chairs we are having at the ceremony and buy pew flower holders.


we have to write the ceremony and our vows (just a little thing).

i have to finalize the hair appointments for that day and find another makeup artist.

when am i getting my next haircut?

transportation for that day?

hotel room for wedding night?

who is staying with bonnie and champ while we are gone?

do i want to buy earrings or just go with my pearls?

invitations were sent out yesterday! thank the lord our friend who designed them took care of mailing them from the post office himself. so it's official now, there's no backing out. ha ha!
we're only giving people two weeks before the rsvp, so they can't put off making a decision. but everyone received a save the date, so they should all have, well, saved the date...

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