Monday, November 06, 2006

off to new zealand

kpr and i leave tomorrow for new zealand and australia. we're going to a friend's wedding and then we'll travel around the north and south island and make our way over to sydney. i'm super excited!
this will be my third continent this year! after this, i'll only need to visit antarctica to have seen them all! anyone want to go to antarctica?

i'll be back in early december. while i'm gone, maybe you would like to vote for me in this finesse hair care contest?
the top five winners are part of the 2007 advertising campaign and i thought it would be really neat if i were in that top five....
that's where you come in- if you would be so kind as to go here each and everyday and give me highest marks, i would love you forever!

what are you waiting for? go now!

love ya!

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