Monday, April 30, 2007

sitting outside, thankful for the wireless

it is breezy, but warm enough to forgo the jacket. i've been stuck in the house for a few days, told by the midwife to "take it easy", which is hard because i have so much to do. but it feels good right now, just sitting in our glorious backyard, watching the dogs lick the patio*. the grass is coming back nicely (should you want to visit and take a nap, brother dear). the hydrangea bush that we planted with such hope last summer, and took for dead earlier this spring, is showing signs of life, tiny, green-speckled signs of life. the pond is nice and clean, and running smoothly, as kpr has been on an outdoor spring cleaning binge and everything is in tip-top shape. bonnie takes a righteous poo to my left, and i am undisturbed, making a mental note to pick it up before i go inside.

there is a blue jay that has discovered our backyard and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! it seems so strange to say, because usually blue jays are noisy little pests, but this one fascinates me. we get mainly mourning doves and chick-a-dees in our backyard here (the pigeons, thankfully, have yet to discover our little oasis), so a jay is a welcome stranger. i look for him everyday through the window and am drawn to his flights from branch to branch and it thrills me when he drinks from the pond. he isn't very noisy and has yet to dive bomb the dogs, so i hope he'll be sticking around for a while. kpr knows he is getting some sort of bird feeder for his birthday in the next few weeks, so i hope we attract even more birds to the yard. when all of the flowers start blooming, i hope it will encourage them to stick around a while. how cool is it to live in manhattan and have your own flock of birds? we wake up each morning to them chirping around.

i had to collect my pee for the last 24 hours and now that i'm done, it feels strange to be able to just sit on the toilet and not worry about having to pissing into a container and pouring it into the other container stored in the fridge. here's hoping my kidneys are doing just fine.

*the dogs are licking the patio because our brilliant neighbors from the third floor- the ones i refer to as eurotrash (hey, i live in new york, we're allowed to refer to people as eurotrash), decided to have a barbecue on their balcony last weekend (they finally removed the plywood floor a few weeks ago). that is all fine and good, except, they decided to use a grill with no catch underneath to catch the drippings. which meant we come home from a weekend in jersey to find grease spattered all over the patio, the wall of the building, our air conditioner (can't wait to smell that when we turn it on), and our adirondack chair (thank god no one was sitting underneath at the time- although, had it been me, i would have called the cops because hot grease + a pregnant lady = assault, sucker). thank you, eurotrash from the third floor, for reminding me what assholes you truly are (oh, and we know it's you blocking our driveway, dumbass).

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