Wednesday, October 13, 2004

a little early for thanksgiving

after work yesterday, i took champ out to the backyard for his usual pee n' poop. i turned my back for a second and the next thing i know, feathers are flying.


there is a live turkey in my back yard.


did i mention i live on the lower east side of manhattan?! in NEW YORK CITY?!?!

panic broke out. champ chased him into the small fishpond. he was relentless in his pursual. i was afraid he was gonna catch the sucker and break its neck and then what would i do?

they say you should train your dog well and in an emergency, it will save their life if they drop everything and come when you call their name.
Well my friends, champ is a goner.
no amount of "NO, CHAMP, COME!" could convince him to give up his excited investigation of the intruder of his back yard. i thought he was going to fall into the pond himself. he didn't thanktheelord and i picked him up and put him inside the house.

i turned back to THE LIVE TURKEY IN MY BACKYARD!!?? and noticed that turkeys do not know how to swim. the poor little fella was a squawkin' and a flappin', but couldn't get himself out of the water. he was also shivering like crazy because i imagine the water was very cold. i pulled him out with the net we have for such emergencies as this.

i, being very level headed in a crisis, did what i do best and called my best friend m and yelled into the phone, "THERE IS A LIVE TURKEY IN MY BACKYARD!!??" she calmly told me to call 311 and ask for animal control and talk to them. which i did and i then decided that this is the sign i needed to know that i had to start my own blog.

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