Saturday, October 16, 2004

True to form

My whole life I have tried and tried to keep a consistent journal. Sometimes I feel important events in my life simply slip away because I can't bother to write it down and I can't remember to take the Ginko to improve my memory.

So, I'm glad to say that I have been consistent in not being consistent. I think of things all day long and about how, "I should blog about this later," And thats my whole problem, that little word, "later." I'm a procrastinator by nature, something I've put off coming to terms with. I tell myself and others that I thrive under pressure and that I always get things done in time, just at the last minute.

So I am sitting here, on demading the last season sex and the city and feel very, very happy. There is wine in the fridge that is calling my name, but I am putting off getting off my ass to go and get it. I'm looking forward to going out to K's friend's birthday tonight at the "Star Bar." We were told to arrive a little after 11pm, because they will be watching the Yankees game before hand and we don't care so much for the Yankees. So anyway- I'm hoping to be awake after 11pm tonight! I've come to realize that I do love my sleep, and I always have. In college I could stay up to all hours, but I could also just roll out of bed and yawn my way across the street to the theatre for class. I still can't believe I would go to class with bedhead and in my flannel pajama pants. But everyone else was doing it so I happily hit the snooze button till five minutes before my first class. Now that I am an "adult" and live a "responsible" life, I have, have, HAVE to get 8 hours sleep or I am a cranky bitchass the whole next day. Now, I never get 8 hours of sleep a night, so I am always a cranky bitchass. So this means on the weekend, I try to spend as much time as possible sleeping, forsaking any kind of social life because I fall asleep or at least am drowsy by about 10pm. Unless, of course, I nap during the day, but today was spent organizing the downstairs, going to hell that is Crate and Barrel, and playing with Champ at the dogpark. So now I am trying to nap, while K works downstairs, but I was seduced by the on demand. So here's for hoping I'm still awake at 11pm and able to drink without passing out of K's arm.

Motherfucker! The fucking on demand is only working for like every other episode! Goddammit this makes me so frigging mad. Don't they understand I need to watch my sex and the city in order! I just missed Charlotte's wedding to Harry! Dammit dammit dammit.

I just realized that in my previous post, I made the commitment to all lower caps, but now I am writing somewhat grammatically correct as far as ummm capitalization. So what? Right? I'm not a writer, I don't have a style, so i can do whatever the fuck I want.

Ok, thats it for now, if I keep rambling on and on, I'll use up all my ideas and I'll never blog again.

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