Monday, November 15, 2004

can't wait till thursday! oh and this weekend i:

spent a lot of time around the house, cleaning and getting ready for our trip to the dominican republic on thursday. i was a cooking machine yesterday! i prepared two different soups: broccoli cheese potato soup and carrot ginger soup- we had some carrot ginger for dinner and i froze the rest for later on this winter. kpr and i have organic fruits and veggies delivered bi-weekly and we had a ton in the fridge that i knew would go bad while we were away- so i cooked like a fiend. i also started stockpiling a lot of food scraps for our composter. i haven't decided if i'm just going to stockpile during the winter, or go ahead and start up the bin and hope it lasts through the cold. i ziplocked all of the veggie scraps and put them in the freezer. i also lined a bucket with tin-foil and put it in the fridge, so that during the week we can just throw stuff in there and then on the weekend i can bag it up and freeze it. eventually, i'll get a bin with a lid and put it next to the composter and just throw all the frozen scraps in there. i also have to start collecting leaves, to hold onto all year round. our tree, which is big and beautiful, doesn't yield big, dry, brown leaves, so i'm thinking of taking a trashbag out to the sidewalk and liberating trash leaves from a future in a landfill.

kpr watched a lot of movies this weekend. i'm happy that he was able to just take time to do nothing. he's always so busy with work- at least 8 hours in the office and then another 2-3 hours at home. i was glad to see him just vegging out in front of the tv with champ. he also spent some time organizing things downstairs. we've been in this apartment for a year now and are still purging a lot of stuff we moved with us. the apartment we were in before was about one third the size of our house now and we had about twice the amount of stuff. i just don't know where we put it all! it feels good to get rid of stuff- recycling and donating where we can, of course.

on saturday i ushered for a production of "three sisters", part of the ChekhovNow festival at the connely theatre (which is now my favorite performing space in new york- what a dream!). the production was entirely in korean and was amazing and truly inspiring. i've seen many a play where i didn't speak the language, and this is very exciting for me because then i can concentrate on the real message of the piece- the subtext and what they are truly trying to communicate to the audience. it helps to be familiar with the story, of course, but either way, if the production is succesful, you don't necessarily need language. i love focusing on the action, and not the words- its very informative for me as an artist.
the festival goes on for the next week, so try and catch it if you can!

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