Friday, November 12, 2004

oh how i love the pot

the neti pot that is.

i've been having trouble with my allergies for the last two days. i was opening some mail here at work yesterday and all of the sudden my eyes were watering and i was sneezing up a storm. i went to rehearsal last night and there was a cat in the dance studio and that just set me off. i was miserable. sneezing, tearing eyes, sniffly nose and it was soooo cold in the studio that i just felt really sick. i got home, felt a little better, went to bed and had a horrible nights sleep. i woke up numerous times and had to use my inhaler twice- which i've never had to do.

i woke up this morning, poorly rested, and with big circles under my eyes (well, bigger than usual). i felt horrible and was still all sneezy and yuck. last year, i was treated by an accupuncturist for my annoying problems with asthma and allergies. this was an amazing experience and offered me so much relief. the only problem is that it was $90 each time i went- sometimes once a week and well, right now i just can't swing that. i think my insurance might cover it, i just have to find out for sure.

one of the things my accupuncturist introduced me to was a neti pot. my whole family has been plagued with serious sinus troubles, i've had more than my share of dreaded sinus infections- as have my parents and my brother and sister. a neti pot is designed to comfortably rinse out your sinuses, the water goes in one nostril and out the other. i know, i know, it sounds disgusting, but it really, really works. you add neti salt to warm water in the pot, tilt you head over the sink, put the spout up you nostril a little, and the design of the pot makes it easy for the water to go up your nose, through the sinuses, and back out the other side. then you just blow your nose really hard in the sink and be amazed at all the crap that comes out! the first few times, its uncomfortable, and you actually feel a little more sneezy and stuff directly afterwards, but if you keep blowing your nose- eventually you'll clear all that stuff out and you will totally notice a difference in your breathing and how you feel the rest of the day.

so that's what i did this morning- used the neti pot and voila! allergy symptoms gone. if i was a really good girl, i would use it everyday, and get rid of the constant red-eyes and flushed face- but i'm a little lazy. well, not lazy, but it takes me long enough to get going in the morning as it is and i don't think kpr would appreciate the extra 10 minutes waiting to use the toilet.

have a good weekend everyone!

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