Thursday, November 11, 2004

the champion

i was walking champ the other day, dropping off dry cleaning,

i love the fact that i can just walk anywhere to do my errands; dry cleaning, grocery store, hardware store, the economy candy store (mmmmmm candy), bodega, drugstore, alternative food store, organic donuts (mmmmm donuts). it's a good thing i do all this walking, or i'd be a lot rounder than i am.

so, anyway-walking with champ-dry cleaning. i was kindof nervous bringing him in the store because a lot of the local businesses have gone dog-nazi on us and are no longer allowing pets where they once were allowed. and i understand why not- but the thing is, i'm not going to let my dog lick, pee on, shit on, or eat anything in the establishment and i always make it quick when he's with me, so why not give your customers that added convenience of shopping with their pups? health department- schmelth department. i just end up shopping less when he can't come with me.

but the ladies were nice at the drycleaning and said nothing, thankfully. i drop off my stuff and we walk back outside. as we're walking down the street, i spy a new shop that has magically sprouted where an antique store used to be. this happens all the time in my 'hood, one minute there's something and then you turn around and something else is there. this particular store was a 'trendy' t-shirt botique, where you could go in and get anything printed on a t-shirt, while you wait. ooohlala. i was looking at the display, and champ, as he tends to do, was looking at what i was looking at. there were two stuffed dogs sitting in the window with 'trendy' little dog-shirts on and champ was staring at them intently. i started to get a little excited about the dog shirts and was saying to him, "look champ, those nice dogs have 'trendy' shirts on! look champ- at the nice dogs! lookatthenicedogs! look!"

he got really excited about these dogs in the window. really excited. i think he was confused as to why they weren't moving or paying any attention to him. he gives me a desparate look and then proceeds to go nutso- jumping and barking and growling at these dogs- launching his muscular, little body at the shop window! attacking the glass like no glass has ever been attacked before!

it was freaking hilarious!

i'm not ashamed to admit that i encouraged him a bit, "get 'em champ! get em!" his eyes were wild, and his body poised to do battle with these evil, stuffed dogs. i finally pulled him away, and tried in vain to wipe the slobber off the window. i dragged champ down the street a bit, but he kept on looking back, trying to see if those nasty brutes were coming after him.

well, he showed them.

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