Tuesday, November 09, 2004

IMing with my brother today

DivineMM: :-)
oldmanat: stupid actually using IM for work... leads to all sorts of crazy messages.
DivineMM: yeah they use it here to- people always think i'm a stripper b/c of my im name
oldmanat: yeah, i set up a separate work IM name so people won't think I'm old. then i linked them.
Divine: ohhh- ididn't know you could do tha
Divine: t
oldmanat: it's not that tough. just create the new name from the log-in screen and then you can link them through the preferences.
Divine: yeah- but now everyone knows who i am anyway. i am tired of explaining the reference- doesn't anyone know anything about 70's music icons turned eco-crusaders?

oldmanat: apparently it's an area where americans sadly lack knowledge

Divine: there are a lot of areas where americans sadly lack knowledge. in fact most areas are areas where americans sadly lack knowledge

oldmanat: yeah! USA USA
Divine: woo hoo
oldmanat: did you read the article in the philadelphia daily news about how the blue states should just join canada?

DivineMM: haven't read that specific article, but read one today about how the blue states should just secede and compared people from the red states to mexicans, saying they would be the ones risking their lives crossing the border to find work if that ever happened

DivineMM: its pretty good, i'll have to find it and pass it along to you
oldmanat: i've certainly heard of worse ideas.

oldmanat: what would we really lose? disney world, vegas and the atlantic ocean beachs from virginia south? we could probably live with that.

DivineMM: yeah- totally- i wouldn't miss em- and you could always go to France for the beaches and Euro Disney- and Monaco for the casinos. France would like us and we all would be rich, so it would be easy

oldmanat: plus we'd still have california and hawaii beaches and disneyland.
DivineMM: why haven't we done this already?
oldmanat: it's a find question give it another 15-20 years to work out the details.
DivineMM: I wonder what we'll call it? The REAL United States of America?
oldmanat: Canerica. Amerada?
DivineMM: Canerica sounds like a gum disease
DivineMM: Amerada sounds like a bank
oldmanat: Camerida
DivineMM: ummm- keep working on it
DivineMM: maybe something completely fresh like, Land of Sweet Dreams and Green Trees
DivineMM: LSDGT for short
oldmanat: caamneardiaca
DivineMM: yeah that totally works
oldmanat: acmaenraidcaa
oldmanat: hmmm... i like caamneardiaca better
DivineMM: yeah thats perfect. you should write a letter
oldmanat: i'll get right on it. as soon as i'm done the next box5 list.
DivineMM: oh, so when hell freezes over then
oldmanat: perhaps

my vote is for caamneardiaca.

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