Friday, November 05, 2004


oh jeez oh man i have been trying to get into blogger all morning and nothing. i know this is nothing new to anyone, but ever since i installed haloscan, blogger has been acting up. coincidence? i have no idea.

anyway. this is not a political blog, but during the last few days i have been going off politically so to speak, but these were special circumstances, right? i have very strong political feelings, but i know that i can't express them in the exact way that i want, and so i let other people do that for me. now, back to your regularly scheduled ramblings.

in reading over my last blog entry, i realize that it is not completely true. the first blog i ever read was allaboutjendotcom, and jen and i have completely different ideas (especially politically!), but i think that she is a fantastic writer and enjoy seeing things from her point of view (even if it sometimes drives me crazy, i still respect her for having strong opinions). today is jen's birthday! she has no idea who i am, but happy birthday anyway jen!

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