Wednesday, November 03, 2004

keeping the noggin wide open.... um.... yeah

so as soon as i install haloscan, blogger gets all funky on me. is this normal? plenty of people use haloscan, but then again plenty of people have problems with blogger.

as i surf through blogexplosion, i find myself looking for specific things in other bloggers. namely, people who are a lot like me and who share my ideals. this is a bit disconcerting, as i should have an open mind and all- but i don't think i can waste my time reading about someone's relationship with god or someone else's obsession with building relationships and networking within your career. i understand that these blogs serve a purpose- but i don't want to read about them. i guess what i'm trying to say is, that all the new sites i've been to and enjoyed enough to bookmark, are by people who feel the same way as i do about a lot of things. this is not a bad thing, because i believe i can learn something from anyone- but frankly it surprises me because i always thought of myself as someone with the willingness to be open to others ideas.
but then again, as someone who spends her time in a career that is based on first impressions- like the second i enter the room i am judged- if you can't impress me in 30 seconds- then i'm moving on.

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