Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So here we are

i woke up with this icky feeling and its not from the two glasses of wine i had last night. the nypost this morning claimed another bush 'victory' which is completely false, bad reporting, but not a surprise coming from the post. i never want to turn on the tv again. or read another newpaper or online news source. maybe we can all just live in denial for the next four years (ack! its killing me to write that- the next four years). denial certainly works for this administration. they must sprinkle it in their coffee each morning, because its what they run on all day long.

i think we're doomed.

and it doesn't surprise me that this is all coming down to ohio. i have lived in both franklin and cuyahoga (still can't spell it) counties and i think it just figures. i think there was a lot of skeevy stuff going on there that we are going to find out about- i just hope its not too late. did i mention that i registered to vote three times in ohio and never received a voter card? three times!

what an embarrassment to w- he can't win his second term in a landslide because half the country detests him. now that is the marking of a great president. ha!

i want to crawl under my desk now.


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