Tuesday, November 02, 2004


i'm number 102 and they are on number 88. i'm sitting in the auditorium of the middle school around the corner. the room is abuzz and i'm feeling very excited- i even tear up a little while waiting in line to sign my name.

now they're on 90.

there are so many people here and that is very gratifying to see. its organized, but disorganized- people pushing past each other to enter the booths. we have these old-fashioned pull lever machines that are heavy and make a furious noise when your ballot is cast- S---l--i--d--e-----SLAM!-----democracy is done.


i always get a little nervous when entering the booth- like, "what if i fuck this up?" i go really slow and double check my work (something i never did in school).
the pollworkers (i almost just wrote poleworkers! ha! that's an entirely different profession!) are a bit frazzled, but still in good spirits, taking coffee orders for each other and wishing everyone a good day. this may be new york city, but this is our neighborhood and we're all in this together.


my district is very diverse- we are a cross section of america- a true melting pot. chinese, jews, young hipsters, older artists, blacks, puerto ricans, dominicans, families with young kids and seniors. i feel proud to live here and that we all co-exist peacefully.


last night i was talking to a classmate- an older actor who has been in new york for 22 years, and i said that this whole year has been about america holding up a mirror to her face and frowning at her reflection. i don't want to hate the way i look anymore, so this is my chance to blend away the blemishes to smile at that face looking back at me.

my turn.


Anonymous said...

*waves* HI MissK! It's most excellent that you have a blog and I will be reading it all the time!


divinemissk said...

woowee- my first comment!
my heart is a pounding!

thanks Andie!

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