Monday, November 29, 2004

Tuesday- Home for a day and-

Took champ to the vet. GIARDIA! Wonderful. Poor little bugger has had the runs for a while, now we know why. Sure didn’t affect his appetite or his mood- he’s been his ravenous, sunny little self the whole time. Everyone at the vet loved him and were so surprised that such a good dog was a rescue. He was very good during his ouchy shots and didn’t protest to two vials of blood- what a little trooper! I took him shopping to bed bath and beyond and rewarded him with a new squeaky toy. We couldn’t feed him for the rest of the day and when 7 pm came and went he just stared at us like, “hello? Guys? Remember me and how I need to be fed RIGHT NOW?!”
He’s still on antibiotics, but the poop is solid now. Betcha wanted to know that, didn’t ya?

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