Monday, November 29, 2004

Where to begin?

ok- so I’m back to the blogosphere. oh how I missed you internet. I’m really looking forward to catching up with what I’ve missed in your life the past week and a half. I hope all is well and that you had your fill at thanksgiving dinner (or had a second thanksgiving dinner if you are Canadian. Or, pondered the magnificence and oddity that is canned cranberry jelly, if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving.)

so, i've been gone, off to wonderful tropical islands and then to home-base ohio. i've been mentally composing entries the whole time, but in the interest of my sanity, i'll only record bits and pieces of what the all-inclusive bar at the resort allows me to remember.

broken up in separate posts in chronological order for your reading delight:

the domincan republic- punta cana
T & j’s wedding was at the hotel paradisus, an all-inclusive resort. When I say all-inclusive, I mean, I didn’t carry around any money, and I got to drink the bar dry if I wanted to. And, if you want three lobster dinners in one night- go right ahead, they’ll keep boiling the lobsters! Hooray! great hotel, strongly recommend it. beautiful beach, perfect weather (hot sun + cool breeze= paradise).

40 guests attended the wedding. 40 guests! this is a true testament to how awesome t & j are as people and as a couple. the ceremony was on the beach on a picture perfect day, and completely in spanish. each line was translated by a close friend or family member. this was beautiful and how awesome is it to hear your best friend pronounce you man and wife? t's mother stood up for him and j's brother stood up for her. j asked me to take pictures with her camera. so i was jumping around everywhere trying to capture everything, but also take non-traditional shots as well (they also had a professional, but she wanted me to make sure that they had photos that weren't just, two people standing next to each other, ya know?) it was really fun and i had brief fantasies of becoming a professional wedding photographer, but then I gathered my wits about me and realized that I don’t know anything about taking pictures unless it’s point and shoot. I do think I took some really nice shots and hope that t & j appreciate them.

kpr and i had a magnificent time together. it was great to just get away and hang out in paradise with the one you love. i really, really like going to a bar and ordering anything you want and not having to lay any cash down. oh- and room service was included to, which came in handy on the days we just wanted to "sleep in"


I usually avoid the Atlantic because it is too damn cold, but we were in tropical paradise, so I stuck in my toes and them kpr threw the rest of me in. the water was wonderful and I had a great time splashing about. but really, there is nothing like just laying on the beach...

oh- and i realized that the whole ocean makes a magical nasal douche- cleared my sinus infection right up! Betcha wanted to know that.

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