Wednesday, December 01, 2004

a rant about the mtfuckinga

i was stuck waiting for a train for 20 minutes today and then once i got the train i was trapped in said train for 30 minutes. apparently, a train jumped the tracks at herald square , at 4:15 this morning. yet it was still backed up 4 hours later. workers had been replacing a track and forgot to lock it into place. hello? isn't that like, half the job, locking the track into place? stupid asses.

now generally, i love public transportation, love love love it. love the idea of it that is. love the not paying for gas, insurance or car payments. love that i can read a book (or US Weekly) or do my makeup or sit and chat with a friend while someone else gets me where i'm going. love the fact that i am directly contributing to less pollution in the air, less congestion on our streets and less individual oil dependency.

but on days like today when it is raining cats and freaking dogs and i'm afraid my own dog is going to crap in the house while i'm at work because he doesn't like to poop in the rain and i'm already running late to work (what's new?) i don't want to be stuck standing on a stinky, wet, squishy, disgusting train.

the mta has a history of being poorly managed- you only have to look around your local station to see what stupid mistakes and decisions are being made. like they blocked off my normal entrance for months, in order to make repairs and install new tile (white tile, btw, which looks nice for about 5 seconds and then gets dirty because it's freaking new york city). a month after they opened the entrance, they closed it down and ripped out a quarter of the newly installed tile in order to put in a security gate. now, you stupid fucks, wouldn't it have made sense to do that in the first place, instead of incurring more costs, and wasting the work already done? not to mention inconveniencing the people who pay for everything to be done in the first place? oh- and installing that pretty tile floor was the stupidest idea ever considering it looked like shit before your workers were even done with the job. what's the point of putting in a nice floor if it's just going to show every bit of dirt in the universe and be impossible to clean? it seems like a nice, simple, gray, concrete floor would make more sense you morons. oh and it would probably cost a lot less. but cutting costs isn't really your main concern is it?

fuck you mta, fuck you fuck you fuck you, you fucking crooks.

oh and yesterday, when none of the vending machines would read credit cards- that was brilliant. thanks for totally messing up my cash budget for the week, assholes.

oh and don't you dare raise the fare again less than two years after the last fare hike you fuckers.

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