Monday, November 08, 2004

where did that little girl go?

Dear A-
This letter is to inform you that you do not suck as a sister. In fact, you are probably the best person a girl could ask for as a sister. Someone who calls just to chat and who sends me lovey-dovey emails and who basically gives a damn about what is happening in my life. Ah yes, little sis, you do a lot for me.

But this isn’t about me, I guess, it’s about you.

I’m so excited for you this year; your last in college. I know you are ready to beat the big bad world with a stick and I will be there with you to help you out if you need it. I’m excited for your future, you career, who you will meet and fall in love with, the kids you will have and how many of them you will feel compelled to name after me. The degrees you will hold and maybe someday you’ll be the first Dr. in the family, not the kind of doc who could diagnose a case of blood poisoning on a Carnival Cruise Ship, but the kind of doctor who can comfort a child when no one else can and who can write a 10,000 word study on why they thought I had trouble pronouncing my ‘r’ s when I was in the 2nd grade, when I clearly didn’t have any speech impediments and the system used me to justify their grant money. But I digress….

I admire your determination and courage in dealing with all the shitty stuff- myelin sheath-wise and whenever I feel like a whiny bitch because I can’t breathe, I always think of you and how you never complain about having to take your exams on the computer or about the muscle pains you must have, and then I feel like an ass.

I admire your dedication to your students and your enthusiasm for those who need people like you the most. You will be an asset to any school district that hires you and this may result in you working too hard, for too little money and feeling stressed out all the time, but better you be in there doing a kick ass job, than someone else who could give two craps about her students and just can’t wait to go home to her Lean Cuisine.

I’m really glad we went to China together. I had a kick ass time with you and felt like I got to know the real A, the adult A and not the little kid I used to yell at all the time. I know there were times where we were frustrated with each other and being together all the time, but really, I think we made it through really well. I think we had about a million more fun times than cranky-K times. For all the times I yelled at you, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’m just a bitch.

I wish the best for you little sister. Heck, I wish more for you than I do for me, really. Because it’s easier that way, but also because you deserve everything in your life to be grand. I have faith in your strength, your kindness to others and your cheery smile, all of which will help you navigate this crazy, crazy world we live in. Stay true to your friends, stay true to yourself and stay exactly who you are, my superfantastic, life loving little sister.

miss k

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