Wednesday, December 01, 2004

hmmm maybe i just answered my own question

if you google "shows my bo0bs"
my site is #10
strangely, i feel almost a sense of pride at this... ;)

but maybe i shouldn't post a pic (and don't ask for a picture of my bo0bs)? let me know what you think- do you have a pic of yourself on your site?

the original divine one talked to liz smith of ny post recently:

THE DIVINE ONE, Bette Mid ler, called from L.A. to say she is still having a ball taking her "Kiss My Brass" tour across America. Does Middle America get her? "Oh, Liz, they loved me in Omaha and in Oklahoma City and particularly in Texas — San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. New Orleans? Well, get out! They adored me!" (From others, such confidence would seem like bragging. From Bette, it's simply a joyful, appreciative statement of fact.)

Bette asked if any turkeys had survived Thanksgiving in New York? She laughed when I told her I'd recently seen a wild turkey casually strolling along a busy road in the Connecticut countryside.

Bette returns to Manhattan Dec. 13. We've missed her.

kiss my brass was one of the best shows i've ever seen (and i saw it twice dudes)

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