Thursday, December 02, 2004

spicy ladies, spicy indian food

last night i had three of my favorite friends over for indian take-out. except we didn't take-out, we ordered-in, as is the thing to do in new york city. ahhhhhh, i love ordering-in, you can bask in the comfort of your own home and your fluffy pajama pants while enjoying a decent meal that someone else prepared for you. and sometimes i get to practice my spanish with the delivery men.

anyway. my friends m and k live all the way up in my old hood and we've known each other for 5 years- met at the national theatre institute and ended up in the same block in nyc (k actually took over my lease when i moved in with kpr), my other friend, m-b is danish and is in nyc for a month. she and i met in russia at a theatre program in st. petersburg.

hmmm initials are getting confusing, time for fake names. karen, meredith and mary-beth gathered at our humble abode and we enjoyed a night of yummy delicious indian food (i ordered way too much, but we ate most of it anyway), cheap austrlian shiraz (oz brand, not too bad), a fire in the fireplace and lots of laughs. karen and meredith had never met mary-beth and she is such a lovely fantastic person, i knew they all would get along. and the did. i love spending time with mary-beth because she is such a friendly, out-going person and offers a european point of view to things we americans tend to take for granted. important things like television, hollywood actors and foreign films.

we had tons of fun and lingered over the take-out container strewn table. meredith made her way over to the sofa and passed out around 9:30 (she's been working hard and has had no sleep), while mary-beth, karen and i drank more wine and oohhed and ahhed over how cute champ is. karen and meredith ended up spending the night on our two couches and mary-beth walked home to nolita, a few blocks away. i went to bed, smiling at my friends before i shut the door and promptly fell into a nice sleep.

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