Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the tree was erected

a little elf must have clued kpr into my need for christmas decorations because he came home after work on monday and immediately went and got the ladder out, carried it upstairs and went through the storage space looking for our holiday box. i was busy jumping up and down, squealing and clapping my hands with glee! how i love kpr!

i'm leaving tomorrow morning for oh to spend christmas with my family. kpr will be going to his folks, with champ. i'm very excited for the holiday and even more excited that i'm finished shopping, i'm not excited to pack tonight, whenever i return from my friend katrina's house (it's gonna be late, because, there will be wine and toffee making and did i mention wine?).

being a temp is great. that's what i do for money if i hadn't mentioned that already. being a temp sucks during the holidays though. two reasons- no holiday pay and no bonus. all this time i've been taking off recently has cost me double- for the trip itself and for loss of work. and next week they told me they don't need me at all- so there's another week of lost pay. ouch. the place i worked last year was kind enough to give me a very generous bonus- shockingly generous really. i had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i would not be getting a bonus this year, because i am at a different office and i was out the week they handed out bonuses, but today i was very pleasantly surprised when my two bosses approached me at the copy machine and handed me a card and said very nicely "this is for a happy holiday and thanks a lot." it was very sweet and generous and they seemed embarrassed and i was embarrassed and said something stupid like, "oh thanks so much, you didn't have to, blah blah blah." i opened the card and was very touched, it just said "thank you" and had some money in it that i knew was from them personally and not the company. than i felt like an idiot for not getting either of them at least a card. but oh well.

this may be my last post before the holiday (or it may not, who knows)- so happy whatever you choose to celebrate or not celebrate to you all!

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