Monday, January 03, 2005

audition today!

spending your lunch hour at a place called Blimpie is not a great way to start the new year. not that i did that- i had a salad- but as i was walking 4 crosstown blocks in three-inch heels, this is what i thought about to keep my mind off the pain. crosstown blocks are long yo.

i had an audition this afternoon, which went rather well, i think. i felt really good afterwards and the reader was fantastic and i felt like she gave me a lot to work with. so thank you very much wonderful reader and the njrep auditions! there were tons of people in the room! 2 readers, the director, the playwright and at least four other people, one was a producer and i'm not sure who the rest were. the script seems interesting and i would love to get back to regular old contemporary drama- so keep your fingers crossed that they call me back.

today is my first day of no:
ugggghhhhh it's painful, this one:

just for 30 days, to give my system a little rest and go back to my normal, pre-holiday gluttony weight. i'm also going to do yoga twice a week. which is going to be expensive, but the ass is saggin a bit, so totally worth it.

did i mention that after our new year's eve party, our house is stocked with bread, CHEESE and WINE? in fact, it is pretty much all we have in the house right now. so this will take a lot of willpower- but i've done it before and can do it again!

ohhh look time to go home! hooray! later gators

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