Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You shouldn't have lunch with a Russian drug dealer unless you come heavy.

every night since christmas day, kpr have been sitting down and enjoying time with our new family. we've gotten to know their ins and outs, ups and downs and dirty little secrets. we're very concerned about the welfare of their children and i'm wondering what will happen when it is revealed that pussy is wearing a wire?

i'm speaking of the sopranos, of course. we started watching the dvd of season one on christmas day because it was one of the only dvds at his parent's house. we watched episode after delicious episode. you just get hooked, it's like a drug and i think tony wants it that way. "yeah bitch, keep on watching and daddy'll give you what you're thirsty for." which is brutal killings, bangin' some hos and carmella lusting after the local priest. i know i'm like 6 years late with the complement, but this show is genius- multi-layered characters, psychological disorders, sex, drugs and drea dimatteo in a thong.

i've been searching around for the complete season two, our blockbuster seems to have lost episode 5-13 and i was finally rewarded this weekend when mariana took me to tower records and i rented the entire thing for like 3 dollars! woooooohooooooo! i think we finish up this season tonight and then i'm so excited because season three is on-demand right now, so we can watch it for free!

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