Monday, January 10, 2005


happy birthday champ! today you are two years old! i'm sorry i gave you some banana yesterday that made you have the runs today. i hope you feel better tomorrow! champ we love you so much and can't remember what life was like before you. do you mind if i share a little of your story with the internet? no? ok, thanks buddy.

We rescued Champ through The Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue last March.
You can view a picture of him here.

He loves: Snuggling under the blanket with mom or dad
Playing chase with other dogs at the dogpark.
Naps, naps and more naps
Having his tummy rubbed
Pugs and Frenchies

He hates: The rain
Having to wipe his paws at the door
Not being able to eat everything off the sidewalk
Squirrels (its a love/hate thing really)

Champ was abused in his original home, his jaw was broken and never
set, so it healed crooked and therefore his tongue hangs out the side
of his mouth, but it certainly adds to his personality! Despite his
rough start, Champ holds no ill-will towards humans and gets along
well with adults and kids. He does have that alpha male aggression
and can be hostile to other dogs while on the leash. This is
something we are dealing with and have high hopes of overcoming,
especially because we would love to have two Bostons one day and/or
possibly foster rescues. The perfect companion for
Champ would be a smaller girl who loves to play play play and chase
chase chase and doesn't mind having her ears nibbled on.

happy birthday Champ!
ok, now let's go for a walk.

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