Friday, January 28, 2005

i could bite through my bottom lip right now and not even feel it!

i went to the dentist this morning for a regular cleaning and check-up and walked out two hours later, unable to feel the left side of my face. the drool that was running down my cheek immediately froze, because, holy shit! it's fucking cold outside today!

i had one cavity and "what looks like the beginning of another cavity, so make sure you're brushing at a diagonal towards the back of your mouth, ok?" jeeze louise, i've had these teeth for twenty-something years, you think i know how to brush by now.

so the dentist shot me up with some novocaine and goddamn it hurt! i made an embarrassing moan/slash owwwwwwww! sound, because it fucking hurt and the dentist was all like "are you ok?! oh, maybe i should have warmed up the anesthetic because it's really cold." yeah, say that after you shot me up.

so the drilling was pleasant. really it was, after i got over my nausea of seeing and having pieces of my tooth spray all over my face, thank god i couldn't feel anything though. i began to feel a little paranoid after a while because the dentist and her technician were gossiping in mandarin and i couldn't help like feeling like they were talking about me and my stanky breath or something. i have the same problem when i go to get my nails done, although, then i know they're talking about me in mandarin because usually one lady will be brave enough to ask me in english, "why do you keep your nails so short deary?" for the record, my nails refuse to grow at all, but apparently, my teeth love to grow cavities.

i chose to have the white filling because i have enough metal fillings and seriously, i don't believe it's a good idea to have a mouth full of metal. i'd love to one day have the bucks to switch all my metal fillings, anyone got about 10 grand they can spare?

after it was all over, and i was signing my name to the receipt, i was chewing on my lip and realized, hey, i can really chew on my lip! and not even feel it or anything. ohhh that's sooo gross, its like my mouth is stuffed with cotton and lined with gummy worms. and then this strange part of me, deep, deep inside, wanted to just bite through my whole lip, just tear it off completely and see what happened. but then i realized that although i couldn't feel it right now, i would certainly feel it later and i don't think facial disfigurement is good in my line of work...

have a great weekend and stay warm! and if you live somewhere that is warm already? seriously, fuck you. :)

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