Sunday, May 15, 2005

holy crap i'm lazy

i haven't written. i know.
i don't return calls.
i sit on the couch a lot.
i eat.
but my house is clean. my dog is happy (even though he and the rufus both have whooping, i mean, kennel cough)kpr is happy and i'm happy too.
i've gained weight. i have and i know it. i'm t-minus two weeks from going to orlando and sitting around a pool for days on end, so it's nothing but salads for me for a while. i'm even thinking of going out and getting a pilates rope and dvd, because apparently you can get in shape really quickly that way.
you see, this is why i haven't written! i'm totally uggghhh, boring. i just haven't felt like doing anything recently. i'm not depressed though. i've actually felt really, really happy recently. things are good, i'm just friggin lazy.

kpr is off in l.a. on business this week, so i'm on my own. i predict a lot of baths and clay face masks in my future.

i just had some really good reheated mole chicken enchiladas. mmmmmmmm mole! for dinner i'm having a salad. and i'm going to love it!

my sister graduated from college last weekend. my future sister in law had her bridal shower the day before. i've now learned that the best reason to get married is the gifts. holy crap you get a lot of stuff! laura got two, count em, two quesidilla makers! my brother will put good use to both of them i'm sure. they also got a nice set of tv tray tables. i know it was matt who put those on the registery. tv tray tables are so classy! woohoo!

oooh shrek 2 is on hbo right now. i've never managed to watch all of shrek 1 but i'm watching it anyway.

does everyone have a list of hottie po-tah-ties that they would sleep with no matter what their current level of commitment? well here are my top three (i couldn't think of five):
1. brad pitt
2. mark ruffalo
3. angelina jolie

now let me 'splain some things. brad pitt, while cliche, i don't care, i have loved him ever since thelma and louise and come on he is sex-ay. mark ruffalo is totally hot in the film xx/xy - have you seen it? he is h-o-t. and now everything i see him in, i just drool. i loved how he was just a little bit shorter than gwenyth paltrow in that horrid flight attendant movie. gwenyth is such a freaking bean pole, how could he not be shorter than that freak of nature?! (nothing against tall people, i just really don't like the old g.p. c'mon, she's only a celebrity because her dad was a famous producer, her mom is a famous actress, her godfather is steven speilberg and she dated number one on my list. i don't care if she's won an academy award- kate blanchett was so must better in elizabeth than g.p. was in shakepeare in love- that whole movie was based on the brilliant performance of joseph fiennes. joseph fiennes! he's number four on my list. he was so sexy in elizabeth!!)
and even though i'm not a lesbian, i would not kick angelina out of my bed...

making this list was harder than i thought, i started out with five and couldn't come up with that many, and then i couldn't think of four either. so i came up with three and one of them's a woman. where have all the hotties gone? tom cruise is officially off my list after all this nonsense with that wench katie holmes. as if, this relationship is totally a publicity stunt!! she's not even pretty!

i'm curious as to who would be on other people's hottie po-tah-ties lists.

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