Monday, May 16, 2005

monday monday

i'm sitting at a desk on the 28th floor of a building on east 55th st. there is a window to my left and the view, while not the most spectacular i have ever seen, is lovely. i see apartment buildings of all different styles- a hotel directly across the way (i'm assuming its a hotel because there are the same lamps in every window) and some sort of office building with a lovely orange roof and a terrace that the they keep carrying mirrors across- weird.
i'm temping today, and i hope to do so for the next few weeks because i am broke with a capital B. they are ordering sandwiches for everyone for lunch- so i'm saving 6-7 bucks. i ordered grilled veggies on whole grain, just so ya know. it's not a salad but its healthy according to oprah.

my fingernails are too long right now and honestly it is driving me crazy. my nails generally do not grow at all. i bit them for about 12 years and i think i ruined them for life. when i was in middle school i remember staring enviously at this girl named amy. now, i did not like this amy very much- she was snobby, cliquey and always had this 'i'm so bored with you because i'm better than you' look in her eyes. but, she did have the most magnificent fingernails- long, long, long and rock hard- perfect cuticles and nail beds- none of those awful white spots i am always plagued with. she used to taptaptaptap them on everything, and she talked with her hands just to show them off. i would stare at her perfect nails and think, 'dear god, this is the only thing i want, long beautiful fingernails, oh and to win the lottery. if you give me these two things i will be your servant forever.'
i never got the long fingernails and i've yet to win the lottery, so me and god are hardly on speaking terms now.
so, yeah my nails are too long- they are almost over the finger and i can feel them as i type, when i bend my fingers they push into my palm. i know they are all going to break off any second now and if not i will tear them off in frustration. if i had any extra cash i would go out and get a manicure.... ugggghhh- ok, i'm going to try not to think about them anymore.

i have an audition tonight for 'a midsummer night's dream', one of my favorite shakespeares. the part i will be reading for is helena- my favorite. she is scorned by her lover and later on, thanks to some magic potion, is pursued by both of the romantic leads. helena is very tall, so i will be wearing my favorite heels- i just haven't figured out what else i will be wearing. i've brought the play along with me to refresh myself on the scene i'll be reading, but i'm pretty familiar with everything that goes on. i have to remember to warm up my voice and my mouth really well before i go in there. shakespeare is all about the delivery, no stumbling over your words allowed!

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