Wednesday, July 13, 2005

an experiment in photoblogging

over memeorial day weekend, we took a family vacation to orlando. we spent one very hot and sticky day at sea world.
hot + sticky + fishy smell = fun for the whole family!

here is one of the many 'shamus.' i think this one was called "i'm gonna get all y'all in the front rows soaking wet-mu"

this is a sea horse! a sea horse! can you believe it? doesn't it look like a salad?

here is another picture of another crazy sea horse. totally tubular dude!

awwww look at the purty seal?! don'tcha just wanna eat him up? i mean- ummm- uh- snuggle up with him? yeah, that's totally what i mean.

WE WALKED UNDER THE SHARKS!!!! oooohhh teethy!

kpr bought us all icees ( i had a smoothie). his tongue has been altered to protect his identity.

on a totally unrelated note, here is champ this past winter in his 50-year-old-gay-man-fleece and his doggy booties. alas, champ could not come to orlando with us because he would most certainly pick a fight with a shamu or a big mouse. instead he stayed at home with his best friend rufus, the schnoodle who lives in canada now.

this is what fun looks like bee-yatches!

the end.


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